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If you are coming to us from Celje, drive past Mozirje, Ljubno, Luče and Solčava towards Logar Valley (Logarska dolina).

For those coming from Ljubljana, the road will take you through the Črnivec pass and Gornji Grad to Luče.
Alternatively, you can also take a shortcut via Kranjski Rak and the Podvolovljek valley, from where you drive to Luče. The road here may be a bit narrower and steeper, but it is now completely paved and significantly shorter.
From Luče you head towards Solčava and from there towards Logar Valley. At the beginning of Logar Valley you will find a turnoff for Matkov kot. From there you continue your way through a narrow gorge, steeply up to the turnoff for Matkov kot. On the left side, the road continues to the border crossing Pavličevo sedlo, and on the right you will see the Majerhold mountain lodge, which is locally called “Pri Majerholdu”. Stop by and we will welcome you as we delight everyone who visits us.


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